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myTIPreport™ was developed to help residents, fellows, teachers and program directors with "real-time, right now" feedback on ACGME Milestones and surgical skills. Additionally, myTIPreport helps program directors in any medical specialty or subspecialty manage evaluation data and feedback while preparing reports on ACGME Milestones and surgical skills.

myTIPreport is a web-based solution that allows users to:

  • Provide real-time feedback to residents and fellows
  • Update resident/fellows' progress easily and conveniently
  • Produce formatted reports for learners
  • Provide quick and convenient access to data for required ACGME reporting

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Annual Subscription # Residents/Fellows
$195 1-11
$395 12-20
$695 21-32
$895 33+

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is myTIPreport?

myTIPreport is a web-based program that allows for "real time" feedback while you work on:

  1. All ACGME Milestones for any specialty or sub-specialty
  2. Surgical skills in a procedure-specific fashion
  3. Rotation-specific evaluations

This user-friendly program provides "real-time," venue-based feedback to Residents or Fellows on their progress on Milestones and surgical procedures. Residents, Fellows, and Faculty are able to access the program with secure, individualized user IDs and passwords. While Residents and Fellows are able to access their own individual information, Faculty are able to access information for all evaluated Residents and /or Fellows.

What ACMGE accredited specialites/subspecialties does myTIPreport support?

The myTIPreport platform is designed to accommodate any of the 127 ACGME accredited specialties and subspecialties.

Is myTIPreport easy, interactive, and efficient to use?

ABSOLUTELY! myTIPreport was designed to make formative feedback easy, interactive, and fun. As a web-based program, myTIPreport can be accessed on any electronic device that has an internet connection using any browser. This allows for real-time, "right-now" venue-based feedback... while you work... where you work.

Who can initiate a Feedback session?

Either the learner or the teacher can initiate the feedback.

Does myTIPreport facilitate timely, meaningful feedback?

YES! By facilitating "real-time" feedback, myTIPreport allows for feedback that is more specific, timely, and potentially of higher quality. Additionally, myTIPreport allows teachers and learners to easily and conveniently access past feedback to identify Milestones and surgical skill areas needing improvement. This ready access to past feedback can then be used to guide future learning and teaching.

What if I am already teaching my learners on a daily basis?

Great! myTIPreport gives you a user-friendly way to capture and track the feedback you are giving in your daily teaching.

What are the reporting capabilities?

Learner- and Teacher-specific surgical skill and Milestone reporting includes:

  1. Individual learner reports for Milestone and surgical skills progression
  2. Resident and teacher program usage reports
  3. Milestone reports for 2 week, 1 month, and 6 months’ reporting, including a semiannual Milestone report… whatever time frame you and your Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) want! You set the interval!

Is the program available as a phone app?

ABSOLUTELY! myTIPreport is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Will my IT department have to maintain the program?

NO! myTIPreport is a secure, web-based program. No individual institutional IT support is required.

Does myTIPreport collect personally identifiable patient information?

No, it does not collect personally identifiable information about patients.